ML 27 - New concept of living in Belgrade

Južni bulevar

The new residential and commercial building "ML 27 - Swiss Apartments" is located in Belgrade, in the street South boulevard, under the Neimar Park.

The project is special in its position because it is located in a quiet part, and within easy reach of all important roads, so you can easily transfer to any part of the city.

The building is designed to provide maximum comfort to its tenants. In addition to functionality, the ML 27 provides a high level of quality thanks to the use of state-of-the-art materials of modern and urban design. The building is a blend of Swiss quality and luxury in one of the most perspective parts of Belgrade.


Within the building there are a total of 15 residential units.

On each floor there are two four-room apartments with terraces, net area of ??100-102 sqm, while on the last, withdrawn floor there is a penthouse with closed area of ??190 sqm and with a belonging large terrace.

The apartments are double-oriented and organized into two functional blocks.

The sleeping block is facing towards the backyard which provides the necessary peace, while the kitchen, dining room and living room are facing South Boulevard, which allows the penetration of the southern light into this part of the apartment and good illumination.

Apartments can be accessed in two ways: from the staircase and directly from the elevator, which allows a higher level of comfort.


In addition to a good layout of the rooms, additional functionality in apartments is provided by sliding doors. Thanks to the sliding doors in the apartment, it is possible to use every corner, and with their opening, you get a unique space.


Flats are sold with equipment of renowned brands in kitchens and laundry. This means that when buying a flat you do not have to worry about the purchase of:

  • kitchen elements
  • dishwasher
  • Built-in flat panel
  • Built-in oven
  • microwave
  • aspirator
  • refrigerator with freezer
  • washing machine
  • drying machine


Entry into the building is completely controlled.

  • Encrypted Keys: The security system entails entering in the building with the encrypted key with which the elevator takes you exclusively to your apartment.
  • Video intercom
  • Video surveillance of access inputs and paths to the facility
  • Security entrance door of the apartment


  • The garage is located on two underground floors where there is a total of 18 parking spaces, size 14-16 sqm
  • In the open parking lot within the yard there are 6 additional parking spaces, 12 sqm in size
  • Every parking place has an electrical connection
  • Garages, as well as the yard parking, are accessed through the autolift, which means that this entrance is also fully controlled.

For more information on the ML 27 project, please call +381 63 300 355

or contact West Properties via e-mail

From 2600 EUR/m2 + VAT EUR/m2
From 1940 eur (VAT included) EUR/m2
2900 - 3000 EUR/m2 (VAT included) EUR/m2