7 tips for renting an apartment

7 tips for renting an apartment

New space and new environment, are just some of the news that you can expect when you want to rent an apartment. Often, this process takes more time than you are willing to set aside. The main reasons are the lack of information, as well as the great deal of real estates on the market. Get ready to make the most of these negotiations. But the best thing you can do is hire a professional agent to guide you through the whole process and help you find the best deal as soon as possible. Here are our 7 tips for renting an apartment.

1. Determine what kind of apartment you want

When you are searching for a rental apartment, take advantage of all the amenities you have at your disposal. Look for properties that are right for you. Use filters in your search and select deals. The most important answers are: the price range you want to pay, the square footage that suits you and the location. The precision of this information makes it easy to choose. A real estate agent can shorten this selection process for you with specific apartment offers according to your criteria.

2. Explore the location

If you have already chosen the parts of the city you would like to live in, find some free time and go for a walk. Make sure that the new location is connected to other parts of the city and your business, find out how public transport works in this area, also is this location has everything you need for a living in here or near the site.

3. Inquire before you book the tour 

Before you book the tour for the real estate you have chosen, inquire about apartment itself, best from the agency that advertises the apartment - whether or not it is furnished, on how much long it is possible to lease the property, what are the monthly utilities (heating, electricity, Infostan etc. ) or whether it is necessary to invest further in the property. If you have hired our agent, it will be our pleasure to deliver the best deals for you, with the assurance that all the necessary measures and actions have been taken in order to make the rental prices as efficient and affordable as possible.

4. Learn about the property owner

Once you have selected the property that suits you, book the tour. First contact and first impression are very important! This way, you can check whether working with the landlord is right for you in the future. It is your right to ask anything that interests you in order to get as much information as possible. The agent protects you here also - in addition of booking, a professional agent will give you an opinion on the amount of rent and information about the property you are interested in. This way you will not waste unnecessary time looking at offers of apartments that do not suit you.

5. Look carefully 

You have selected the apartment that suits you. Go through with an agent and note down any defects, repairs needed, missing appliances, furniture, carpentry or anything else that can be an extra expense in your budget. The agent, if you hire him, will deliver the apartment handover record to both the tenant (you) and the lessor. This document will constitute proof of the condition of the property at the time of the takeover.

6. The Lease Agreement protects both parties

The Lease Agreement and the Record of the handover of the apartment protects both parties in the lease process! In this step, the Agency will assist you in preparing the Pre-Contract and then the Lease Agreement, which will contain all the essential elements such as: payment method, payment time, lease term, rent amount, deposit left, responsibility for repairs in the apartment. The Legal Department, if you choose our company as an intermediary, is at your disposal if you believe that there is additional information that you want the Lease Agreement to contain.

7. A new apartment is a new beginning

Just indulge! Everything will fall into place and this new space will become your home with the first things you bring. Put everything together for you and embrace this new beginning.


We wish you luck if you’re embarked on this adventure. There is an offer of apartments and houses for rent on our site, as well as the professionalism and knowledge of our agents, which will certainly make this search much easier for you and your family.


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