Are you selling?

Are you selling?

Selling a property is a situation in which only a part of us find ourselves, once in a lifetime. It is very important that you find out how the complete process is going so that you know what to expect. One of the things that can only help you is to hire a real estate agent who will guide you professionally throughout the process and greatly help you get the best deal in the shortest possible time. Or you can go through this by yourself.


Decision and time

Time is a value that we sometimes do not value enough. Be prepared to make time to find a new home or buyer for your home. Consider whether you want to sell the apartment as soon as possible, even at a lower price, or are zou willing to look for the ideal buyer for an extended period of time.

If you want to sell the property yourself these are some of the steps that await you:

• collecting documentation

• advertising and promoting real estate

• availability to buyers for booking tours

• legal services (sometimes even before the actual advertising of the property, and certainly after the purchase)

You can also sell the apartment with the help of a real estate agent who will take care of all the details of the sale. West Properties brokerage charges 2% + VAT of the agreed price of the property. As part of this fee, we offer sellers documentation review by the legal department, assistance in regulating the necessary documents to prepare the property for the sale if the required documentation is not complete or there are unexplained circumstances in the legal basis, professional agents on a daily basis for you and your potential buyers, making a presentation of the real estate, advertising and promotion in the negotiation process, drafting a Pre-contract and Sales Contract and assistance with notary certification.

We also have a large base of potential buyers, which can greatly facilitate as well as shorten the whole process of selling your property.



Prior to the so-called takeover of the real estate, by the signing of the Brokerage Agreement and photographing the real estate, our agents will ask you for the required documentation necessary for the conclusion of the contract at the sale point. Make sure you have all the necessary documentation. A potential buyer might want to see this papers too. Among the most important documents are the title deed and the contract of previous sale (legal basis). What is often asked for, when buying an apartment, is proof that all the apartment bills have been paid. If you are in any way stuck in collecting documents or not sure that the documents you own are valid or follow the legal trail, consult with our professional agents who will be happy to come up with the best and fastest solutions. We check if your property is registered in the real estate cadastre. A legal trace is sought from the person registered as the owner. Upon receiving the necessary documentation, we schedule a photo shoot of the property and begin the sales process.


The price

Ask about all the factors that can affect the price of your property. Common are the location, floors, orientation of the apartment, the condition of the property and even the building itself, the heating and cooling system, thermal insulation, as well as additional space available for use in the form of a garage, pantry or yard. Your agent will look at the situation and, based on price movements at a particular microlocation, will suggest whether a change in the proposed property price is required.


The first impression

If you have opted for an agency as an intermediary, allow the agent to represent the apartment. The experience will contribute to your property being presented in the best possible way.

Before future buyers arrive, we always suggest you prepare property. Remove as many unnecessary things as possible from the apartment and clean it up - vacuum it, wipe away dust, throw away trash, open windows. Cleanliness and freshness contribute to a good first impression! If you have pets, alert the prospective buyer to this detail. You do not want the buyer to give up at the last minute because of an allergy, or simply because he does not want to live in an apartment where the animals lived, and missing the other buyer during this time.


Pre-sale Contract

A Pre-sale Contract is a document that protects both parties in the sales process! The agency, our legal department, will assist you with the preparation of the Pre-sale Contract and after that the Sales Contract too, which will contain all the essential elements such as the payment method, the amount of the down payment and the date of handover. If the buyer wants to buy the apartment on credit, he must provide some documentation for the Bank, including a Pre-sale contract and a valuation of the property.

A real estate appraisal is a person authorized to assess the value of real estate for the purpose of issuing a bank home loan. The buyer receives a list of appraisals from his bank. If the appraisal determines that the value of the property is less than your agreed price, the bank will grant the buyer a smaller loan, and he will have to increase his share in the loan for that difference in money, or you will renegotiate the price. The cost of the vaulation is on the buyer. Our agents will help you complete this process expertly and confidently.


Signing of the Real Estate Sale Agreement

It will be important for you to read the Real Estate Sales Agreement prepared by our Legal Services. You should understand and agree with all parts of the Agreement. The Real Estate Sale Agreement shall be drawn up in the form of a notary public record and shall be certified by the competent Notary in whose official territory the real estate is located. Our legal department draws up a solemnization contract and sends it to the Notary with your other documentation. Solemnization is the granting of the power of a public document with a Notary certification. As a seller, you still have to settle the related property taxes. Since it is a legal obligation of the seller to pay the transfer tax on absolute rights, but it is de facto practice that it is a contractual obligation of the buyer, it is your responsibility to keep track of the proper filing and payment of taxes, supported by our legal service. Also check with your agent whether you are required to pay capital gains tax or you are exempt from this financial obligation. If you are a buyer of your first apartment and have a VAT refund, we also advise you what documentation to prepare and submit to the branch of the competent tax administration, in order to get your money back as soon as possible.

As an agency, we will complete the check-out process for all publicly traded companies and then make a new owner or buyer application.

You've reached the end. However, if you are just embarking on this adventure, simply click on the button and start the process. At West Properties, you will be greeted by experienced agents, customer support, legal services and a marketing team to help you make the process as short as possible and make the search as easy as possible.

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