As potential clients, West Properties Colliers, real estate company, wishes to inform you about how your personal data will be used and for what purpose, in accordance with Article 15 of the Law on Personal Data Protection of the Republic of Serbia.

1. Types of data we collect

The data we will process is the information you provide to us if you are interested in buying or renting a property, as well as additional services provided by West Properties Colliers, and this implies the following:

  • Name and surname;
  • Company name;
  • E-mail address;
  • Mobile phone number;
  • the content you provide us (by filling out the form "Offer a property")

2. The purpose of collecting and further processing of data

Your personal information defined in item 1 of this notice will be collected if you are interested in buying, selling, renting real estate related to posted real estate on the West Properties Colliers website. The purpose of collecting personal data is to make contact with you in relation to your interest and understanding of your needs. Your personal data will only be used for the purposes mentioned above, unless the fulfillment of obligations prescribed by law requires otherwise.

3. The method of using data

The data you provide to us will be used through collecting, recording, copying, searching, sorting, storing, separating, changing, using, viewing, organizing, storing and adjusting the collected data.

4. Information on data users

West Properties Colliers. Your personally identifiable information will not reveal to third parties, unless the regulations so require.

5. Obligation and legal basis of data processing

The legal basis for data processing is your consent. Granting approval for the collection and processing of data is voluntary and you can revoke it at any time. In the case of recall, you are obliged to compensate for all reasonable costs and damages arising in the event of revocation.

6. Your rights

In accordance with the Law, you have the right to be informed on your request for data processing, the right to access the information that relates to you, and the right to request a copy thereof. In addition, you have the right to request correction, amendment, updating, deleting data, as well as termination and temporary suspension of processing.

You have the right to delete data if:

  • the purpose of processing is not clearly defined;
  • the purpose of the processing has changed, and the processing conditions for this changed purpose are not met;
  • the purpose of the processing is realized, that is, the data are no longer necessary for the accomplishment of the purpose;
  • the method of processing is illegal;
  • the data belongs to the number and type of data whose processing is disproportionate to the purpose;
  • the data is incorrect, and can not be replaced by the correct one by the correction;
  • the data is processed without consent or authority based on the law, and in other cases when processing can not be performed in accordance with the provisions of the Law.

You have the right to terminate and suspend processing, if you have challenged the accuracy, completeness, and up-to-date data, as well as the right to denote these data as disputed, until their accuracy, completeness and promptness are not verified.

8. Other information essential for the processing of your data

Your data will be processed and stored while there is a need and will be treated as confidential information. Access to them will only be made by persons who, in view of the job description they perform, need to be familiar with your personal data and only to the extent necessary to perform their jobs.

9. Protection measures

West Properties Colliers will take appropriate organizational, technical and staffing measures to protect your personal information in accordance with applicable laws regarding the protection of personal data and the standards applied in the field of security of physical and electronic data security.

Your personal information will be treated as confidential information. Access to them will only be made by persons who, in view of the description of the work they do in the Company, should be familiar with your personal data and only to the extent necessary for the performance of their business.

10. Other

If you have questions or requests regarding the processing of your personal information, our contact details are


West Properties Colliers d.o.o.

Baba Višnjina 38

11000 Belgrade




By this, I hereby confirm that I have read and understood this information about personal data processing and hereby hereby agree that West Properties Colliers may process my personal information in accordance with this notice and applicable laws and regulations.

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