West Properties provides value-assessment services in its job range, i.e. offers precise advice on the market value of various types of real estate in the form of a report for purposes tailored to your needs.

A professional team of assessors and associates, with rich experience, performs their work conscientiously and responsibly according to the law and principles of their profession.

With the application of clear methodology and compliance with RICS - Professional Standards and International Standards of Evaluation, you will be able to provide a comprehensive assessment of various types of real estate, such as residential, office, retail, hotel, industrial and logistics facilities as well as different types of land. In addition to estimating the value of real estate, we make estimates of all types of personal properties, machines, motor vehicles

The company in its team has an appraiser with RICS, REV and a zero license.

We use data from our database on the sold real estate in your area in order to calculate the market value of your property in the best and most accurate way.

The real estate market has a significant impact on macroeconomic trends and financial stability. Systematic monitoring of the development of the real estate market and perspective is therefore very important both for a comprehensive analysis of the macroeconomic conditions and perspectives of the Serbian economy, as well as for the effective implementation of supervisory tasks of valuation for any purpose.

Department of assessments has a special place in West Properties and offers efficient execution of even the most complex tasks, because objective value in the real estate market protects both you and us.


Reasons for assessing immovable property:

-sale / purchase of real estate

- security needs of a mortgage - a security instrument

- for the process of investment analysis

- for the purposes of accounting reports,

- in the process of making business decisions

- in various types of litigation

- insurance, taxation, etc.


However, in the realm of real estate in the market today, there are also questions of clients who in most cases have a dilemma:

- Is it more profitable for real estate to be sold or leased?

- In the case of internal transactions and transfer of assets, whether a realistic assessment is needed for tax purposes and expert opinion

- what are the alternative uses of the existing location

- You want to compare and see the difference between the sale / purchase option and other.


In such situations, West Properties meets their expert market insights, their opinions and analysis to each client.

Leading banks, financial institutions as well as real estate companies choose us in different projects for our unique approach in combining established international assessment methodologies and adapting them to the local market based on our comprehensive knowledge of local regulations and laws, standards and trends in the market.


Development of the real estate appraisal report includes:

- Terms of engagement

- Tour of the real estate

- Market analysis, subject area, data collection.

- General data (macroeconomic, regional, etc.), data specific to estimated assets (history, costs, prices, revenues, use)

- Analysis of comparative data, available transactions, leases, sale / lease agreements.

- Highest and Best use analysis

- Application of assessment method (cost, market, yield)

- Making a value conclusion

For any additional information, please contact us:

Phone: +381 11 32 43 274


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