How to Effectively Work from Home

How to Effectively Work from Home

When your home becomes your office, you’ll need a plan to be as efficient as possible. If you are not yet accustomed to the new work-from-home situation during the COVID-19 pandemic, here are a few steps that can help you get into "work mode".


A separate place to work


• You will be more efficient if you create an office atmosphere in a separate corner where you do not have distractions.

• Start the day as you would in the office - in front of your computer with your morning coffee.

Avoid the TV and other digital distractions so you can focus on your work and getting things done.


Dress casually


• Pajamas or the most comfortable tracksuit will not help you be more focused for the desired business atmosphere.

Dress casually as if on “Casual Friday”, especially if you have a video call with colleagues and/or clients.


Be disciplined, but also try to adjust the time to yourself


Follow the schedule made by you at the beginning of every business day.

• If possible, adjust your working hours to your current situation - start the day early or later, or split it into two - morning and afternoon.

• Act as if you were in the office – don’t do washing, ironing or storing - leave these things for later.

• If you need a break during the day, use it, but if it is longer than the standard one you would use in the office, make up for it.

Determine when your working hours are “done” because boundaries must exist and it is up to you to set and stick to them.


Once you organize yourself, you’ll realize that it only takes a bit of concentration and you can be more productive. You will probably miss the buzz of your colleagues, the lack of time, meetings with clients ... Because that's us, that's our job. So, let's be responsible, let's stay home to get back to our work assignments, colleagues, favorite clients as soon as possible. It depends on us when will that moment come.


Stay safe and #stayathome


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