What VRACAR offers you: A combination of bohemian, history and urbanism

What VRACAR offers you: A combination of bohemian, history and urbanism

Sung in songs, it gave birth to so many famous poets, actors, writers, the smallest and most densely populated Belgrade municipality - Vracar.


It is adorned with the Temple of Saint Sava, the National Library, the National Bank of Serbia, the famous neighborhoods of Gradi? Pejton, ?ubura, Savinac. This municipality also has the Slavija roundabout, which is adorned with a musical fountain and the first McDonald's in Southeast and Central Europe.



Surface Vra?ar is the smallest and most densely populated Belgrade municipality with an area of 292 ha, with a population of about 80,000.


The names Vra?ar and Vra?arsko polje appear for the first time in 1492 in the Turkish plan for the conquest of Belgrade, made at the request of the Smederevo sandžak-beg Sulejman-pasha. Turkish documents from 1560 mention Vra?ar as a Christian neighborhood with 17 houses within the Belgrade town.



At the top of the Vracar plateau, partly in the easternmost part of the municipality of Savski Venac, as a result of a series of administrative changes of municipal borders after the Second World War, the municipality of Vracar was formed. In a small area, located less than 1 km from Terazije, Vracar adorns many famous Belgrade neighborhoods: Slavija in the north, Palilula in the northeast, Cubura and Gradic Peyton in the east, Neimar in the south and Karadjordjev Park in the southwest.

The Vracar plateau is one of the highest points in the center of Belgrade, which is mostly built on a hilly terrain of a total of 32 hills.


The borders of Vracar consist of three boulevards: King Alexander Boulevard, Liberation Boulevard and South Boulevard. It is a place where the original spirit and life of Belgrade is preserved and nurtured, a blend of old and new, traditional and modern. The very edge of this municipality, ie South Boulevard Street, has become an extremely popular location for living, which offers great connections with other parts of the city, especially having in mind the proximity of the highway. In the immediate vicinity are the Temple of St. Sava, Karadjordjev Park, Chuburski Park, but also primary schools, preschools, numerous markets and the famous Kaleni? market. There are also some of the most famous restaurants that continue the bohemian tradition of Vracar in a modern spirit.


For all those who would like to be in the center of all events, but still a little tucked away from the everyday crowds of new construction on South Boulevard, they offer their residents a different lifestyle. From the Kapija Vracara, the largest single residential and business complex in this part of Vracar, which has already welcomed its tenants and provided them with all the necessary facilities in one place, such as various shops to the service area. One of the greatest qualities of the setting of the building is that in the ground floor of the building and on the plot itself, a specially arranged space is left inside the complex that connects Južni bulevar and Bra?e Radovanovi? streets. Also, the shape of the slats is conceived and designed so that each slat, and therefore every unit in them, has exceptional sunshine and ventilation, which makes the quality of housing, which is the goal and top quality in residential and commercial construction.


Three bedroom apartment in Kapija Vra?ara for sale - 76m2 - CLICK HERE and see the apartment

Four bedroom apartment in Kapija Vra?ara for sale - 132m2 - CLICK HERE and see the apartment


Not far from this complex, in a quieter part of this area, there is a residential and business building Juzni BULEVAR 80, which is an ideal place to start your new life story. The new residential and business building Juzni bulevar 80 is adorned with innovative construction forms and high quality finishing. Special attention is paid to thermal and sound insulation, which will provide you with special comfort, as well as savings. The modernly designed living space is designed to suit all generations and lifestyles. The apartments are characterized by exceptional functionality with an optimal ratio of square footage in relation to the number of bedrooms, as well as a feeling of privacy and comfort.

For those who consider a small number of housing units within the building as a special advantage, below the Neimar Park itself is the building Juzni bulevar 25 within which there are only a few three and three bedroom apartments, ideal for young families, given the proximity of primary schools and kindergartens. which will significantly facilitate the daily schedule and leave room for enjoyment.



Vracar also has four theaters: the Belgrade Drama Theater, DADOV and the Theater on the left, and there is a well-known children's theater, the "Puz" Theater.

Probably the biggest flag of Vracar are cafes. Although many of them have been forgotten, the former "Trandafilovic" who remembers one Borislav Peki? and "Cubura" where the poet and bohemian Slobodan Markovic - Libero Marconi spent his days, has withstood the test of time.

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